Wolverine Gifts and Collectibles

The wolverine can be found in Canada, North West USA, Northern Europe and Northern & Eastern Asia, where it inhabits tundra, forests and mountains. You can find a few wolverine gifts and collectibles available for purchase online, such as stuffed animals, plastic replicas and books that you can use to learn much more about the wolverine.

Wolverine Stuffed Animal<br>20 InchesWolverine Stuffed Animal
20 Inches
Living Wild: Wolverines BookLiving Wild: Wolverines BookWolverine Stuffed Animal<br>Wild Republic / CuddlekinWolverine Stuffed Animal
Wild Republic / Cuddlekin
Wolverine Plastic Replica Figure<br>Safari LtdWolverine Plastic Replica Figure
Safari Ltd
Children Book About Wolverine <br>Animal Knowledge SeriesChildren Book About Wolverine
Animal Knowledge Series
Wolverine Toy Plastic Figure<br>SchleichWolverine Toy Plastic Figure
The Lone Wolverine: Tracking Michigan's Most Elusive Animal<br>BookThe Lone Wolverine: Tracking Michigan's Most Elusive Animal
Wolverine 9.5Wolverine stuffed animal 9.5 inches

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