Porcupine Rubber Stamps

Porcupine rubber stamps are wonderful for stamping paper or for arts and crafts projects.  Combine this stamp with other animal stamps to create a woodland scene.  Each of these porcupine rubber stamps is mounted on a wooden base for ease in stamping and each requires an ink pad, which you can purchase separately.
Porcupine Rubber StampPorcupine Rubber StampPorcupine Rubber Stamp, QuillsPorcupine Rubber Stamp, QuillsPorcupine Rubber StampPorcupine Rubber Stampporcupine 398 Rubber Stamp Shape great for Scrapbooking, Crafts, Card Making, Ink Stamping CraftsPorcupine Rubber Stamp
Wood Base with Handle
1-1/4 Inches at the Widest Point

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