Pig Cookie Jars

Pig cookie jars are fun to have in your kitchen since there are some really cute designs on the market, ranging from simple to elaborate or new to antique or vintage. Take a look at the pig cookie jars below for some wonderful choices.

Chef Pig Cookie Jar

Kaldun & Bogle Home Decor Bistro Couchon Chef Pig Cookie JarChef Pig Cookie Jar

This chef pig cookie jar is spectacularly detailed, with lots of veggies apparently on the menu, but with lots of room for cookies for dessert on the inside.

The ceramic construction is quality work and makes the colors stand out so that it can be used as a showpiece as well as a cookie jar. The dimensions are 9.5 L x 7.5 W x 15.5 H, so it's a pretty large jar, with the pig just waiting for your to add your own batch of cookies.

Oinking Pig Cookie Jar

MGD Oinking Pig JarMGD Oinking Pig Jar

This pig cookie jar makes an oinking sound when the head is tilted back to retrieve your cookie. I'm not sure if that's a reminder not to eat too many cookies, but nevertheless, it is a cute idea that will surprise your friends and family members the first time that they reach for a cookie.

The oinking pig cookie jar itself is made of food safe, durable high gloss plastic, and the jar requires two AA batteries to create the oinking sound, but those are included with your purchase.

The jar measures approximately 6.4 x 7.4 x 10 inches.


Artistic Flying Pig Cookie Jar

The Potters, LTD Flying Pig Cookie Jar, StonyThe Potters, LTD Flying Pig Cookie Jar, Stony

This whimsical flying pig cookie jar is thrown, slab-built and sculpted by hand in the USA and includes artistic patterns on the piece itself in addition to the flying pig at the top. Note that the accent patterns on the jar and lid will vary since this is an artistic piece.

This cookie jar has a beautiful food-safe glaze, and the jar is available in the colors of blue, green, stony and weathered blue, which you can select when adding to the cart.

You can use this jar for more than just cookies if you choose. It is also acceptable to use for such things as flour or sugar, and it also serves as a work of art for your home. The jar measures approximately 12.5 inches high and 6.5 inches deep.


Furry Bones Pig Cookie Jar

Furry Bones Bacon Ceramic Cookie Jar Collectible Kitchen Hosting Dining Accessory Cute Porky Pig Skeleton FigurineFurry Bones Pig Cookie Jar

This pig cookie jar isn't what you would call cute and cuddly, but it is part of the Furrybones® collection of items with designs of animal skeletons.

This pig cookie jar depicts a pig with skeleton face and stitching holding a cookie. It is a pink pig design with a turquoise scarf. The cookie jar is made of ceramic and measures 10 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

Pig Cookie Jars Currently Available Through Ebay

These pig cookie jars are available right now through various individual sellers on Ebay either through auction or the buy it now option. These options change automatically as the Ebay listings end and are replaced by new ones.

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